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During the Plan Review process the contract plans and specifications are analyzed with an exhaustive detail-by-detail and note-by-note approach to ensure there are not contradictions, missing details or erroneous details.


The goal of a constructability reviews is to uncover potential change orders and eliminate conflicts in design before they occur. Completed at the beginning of design to analyze systems, staging, phasing and schedules and at the end of contract documents to look for details and clarify bidding strategies. Our emphasis is placed upon omitted details, incorrect details, limitations of access for work to be conducted, coordination of trades and redundant details carried from another plan set. We check cross sectioning and M/E/P alignment.

Constructability reviews should be reviewing issues that affect the ability for contractors to understand the plans and specifications well enough to provide well informed bids.

H & E Development has vast experience in reviewing construction documents; we know that lack of coordination and clarity causes less competitive bidding, and unnecessarily expensive change orders. Good “clean” documents will avoid these problems and a detailed plan review is the essential step toward good documents.

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